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Enjoy the Best# 1 Indian IPTV subscription in USA & Canada

The peak of Indian entertainment is Indra IPTV, which provides a wide range of channels, including both regional and Bollywood favorites. Take in the rich variety of languages, cultures, and traditions. Indra IPTV offers an unmatched viewing experience for all supporters, delivering the best of India right to your fingertips with its user-friendly the user interface and high-quality streaming.

Video On Demand

Access divine content on-demand with Indra IPTV's Video On Demand service. Explore spirituality at your convenience

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Indra IPTV Enjoy premium IPTV at affordable prices with affordable pricing. You can also take a free trial before subscribing

Live TV & Sports

Experience a seamless spiritual connection with Indra IPTV's live TV service. Join Darshan IPTV to enter the limitless entertainment at your fingertips

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    Who We Are

    Our Indian IPTV provide 4K & HD Quality streaming with Video on Demand

    Indra IPTV is the best provider of Indian IPTV channel streaming services, providing our customers with an experience like never before that will further enhance their IPTV viewing experience. We try to redefine the way people consume media, making a diverse range of high-quality content available anytime, anywhere. Join us as we revolutionize the future of television viewing.


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    Best Indian IPTV service

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    #1 IPTV subscription provider in USA & Canada since 2021

    Choose us for the best Indian IPTV experience because we offer unparalleled variety, quality, and convenience. Our extensive selection of channels caters to diverse tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. With high-definition streaming and seamless playback, you’ll enjoy superior picture and sound quality. Plus, our user-friendly interface and flexible subscription options make accessing your favourite content hassle-free.

    Quick Activation

    Indra IPTV activate your service as soon as possible it probably takes more than 5 min

    Rewind Live TV

    Catch the missed moments with Indra IPTV's rewind feature. Enjoy the flexibility to watch live TV.

    Free Installation

    We give you Indian IPTV services and also provide free installation support on your devices

    Sports Channels

    Experience thrilling sports action with our diverse range of sports channels.

    User Friendly Interface

    Streamline your entertainment experience with our intuitive interface.

    Biggest Bollywood Librery

    Indra IPTV will provide you world's biggest Bollywood library

    Our Service

    Explore The Only Best #1 Indian IPTV Service with Indra IPTV

    Embark on an unparalleled entertainment journey with Indra IPTV, the epitome of superior streaming. As the only best IPTV service, we redefine viewing experiences with a vast array of premium channels, crystal-clear quality, and an intuitive interface. Elevate your entertainment with the unmatched excellence of Indra IPTV.

    No Monthly Charges

    Enjoy your favorite channels with Indra IPTV today, bringing access to unlimited entertainment at your fingertips without recurring charges. Join Indra IPTV

    24/7 Costumer Support

    Experience seamless viewing with 24/7 support for Indra IPTV. Our dedicated team assists whenever you need to boost your IPTV journey.

    High Quality Streaming

    Experience flawless streaming with Darshan IPTV. Enjoy high-quality video and audio for an immersive entertainment experience like best.


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    If you Refer Someone to INDRA IPTV Then We will Add 1 Month Free Subscription to your Account as a Reward by INDRA IPTV

      We provide a wide range of domestic, Indian, and international channels, allowing Indians from India to USA, Canada, and other countries to access diverse programs, TV serials, and movies etc

      With various package payment plans at different prices, we provide service to all types of viewers as per their capability within the right budget.

      We offer a huge selection of VOD on our Indra IPTV service which ensures that you have a very entertaining option to choose us.

      Our Indian IPTV subscription features HD and 4K streaming for a better viewing experience

      Our Packages

      Choose Your Favorite Packages For Your Family

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      Costumer Review


        Indra IPTV have good referral policy for their customers. I prefer Indra IPTV for all Indian IPTV lovers.


          Indra IPTV has great channel selection and the video quality of service is very good which makes this service even more exciting and unique.


            Indra IPTV has a very good customer interface and resolves customer issues promptly.


              Indra IPTV sells its good quality service at affordable prices and there are discounts and offers at special time or festivals.


                The customer support of INDRA IPTV is very well support costumer at any time of day they are in service 24/7.

                Indian iptv subscription

                Enjoy World's best Indian IPTV subscription

                Live Sports and TV Show

                Experience the thrill of live sports and the excitement of top TV shows on our Indian IPTV subscription and all in stunning HD quality. Subscribe today and enjoy the best in entertainment

                4k and HD quality

                Upgrade your IPTV to stunning 4K and HD quality! Enjoy visuals with vibrant colours, sharp details, and immersive viewing on over 400 channels. Elevate your entertainment experience today

                400+ Indian TV Channels

                Experience 400+ Indian TV Channels as Bollywood hits, regional languages, news, sports, and more. Ultimate Indian entertainment at your fingertips with our Indian IPTV service.

                Enjoy the Best #1 Indian IPTV

                Get Indra IPTV HD & 4K Quality Plan & Save BIG just For 110$ / 1 Year

                Enjoy the best IPTV service with Indra IPTV! Enjoy access to 9000+ live channels, including special sports channels. Our extensive video-on-demand library guarantees endless entertainment. Join Indra IPTV, Experience instant activation, and start streaming today.

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